Why was TubeX created

The TubeX Artificial Intelligence Laboratory was established in June 2019. It is a non-profit research organization focusing on the development of artificial intelligence and science popularization. The research scope includes large language models based on the Transformer algorithm, quantitative financial research, and image and video generation based on the Diffusion algorithm. To date, we have launched several free AI products including the YouTube video translation plugin-TubeX, eBook voice converter YueYin, Gemini client, GPT client, and more. At the same time, we are active contributors to open-source projects and datasets on Kaggle, HuggingFace, and Github. We have also set up science popularization columns in both Chinese and English on Zhihu and Medium, respectively. Currently, the total number of fans is approaching 100,000.

In 2023, with the popularity of ChatGPT, more and more people began to imagine what artificial intelligence could do for humanity. In East Asia, there are still many students using extremely old and inefficient methods to learn English. They spend more than ten years learning English in a way similar to studying oracle bone inscriptions, but still can't speak a complete English sentence. Google Translate, a well-known translation service, stopped its service in mainland China in 2022. Even YouTube, which has global information, is limited by language barriers, and users of different languages live in their own information bubbles. Various social rumors have not decreased despite the advancement of information technology. In China, you can hear all kinds of bizarre rumors about the United States every day, while in the English-speaking world, China has been described by many irresponsible media as a new colonialist Soviet Union.

As a tech worker, I often think that instead of worrying about science fiction stories like robots ruling over humans, why don't we sit down and solve these stupid problems together!

Is it difficult to solve this problem? No, it's very simple. We just need an AI translation tool that can translate videos anytime, anywhere, so that users can watch videos like children in kindergarten. This tool is TubeX. TubeX not only helps users translate video content in over 30 languages worldwide, but also provides word-by-word explanations for foreign language learners. It helps users generate video summaries, mind maps, knowledge retrieval, and voice communication. Even if you come from a poor village and don't have enough funds to learn a foreign language, as long as you have the perseverance to learn, I believe that with the help of TubeX, you can also have the ability to communicate with the world. That is the significance of TubeX in this world.

Our core values are that AI should assist humans to become stronger, rather than replace them. Our vision is to enable global humanity to live in the same information sphere and make human civilization more harmonious. Frankly speaking, we can also anticipate that in the future, the elite class will gain more power through the use of AI, leading to a large-scale reduction of personnel under the pretext of cost reduction and efficiency improvement. The general public will become more like captives of recommendation algorithms, forming a so-called useless class. We hope to provide free software to allow more working-class families with children who love learning to access high-quality resources as much as possible. Regardless of where they are, they can freely explore the world with their curiosity. Korean students can directly listen to stories in Arabic, Kenyan students can enjoy Japanese historical dramas, and students from Vietnam can watch academic lectures from the Indian Institute of Technology. Even a child from Syria, when he expresses his dream of space, should also enjoy the joy of watching live space broadcasts from China. Shouldn't our technology progress in this direction? A world filled with TikTok or Instagram's sexy videos is not a problem, but I believe our world should not be limited to these things. This is the direction that TubeX needs to strive for.